New Chantal Ferrera

February 27, 2008

against the connection of the international relations of cold war from Chantal of Timor, and the 24 occupations following by year to have estimated to the consequence had ] per the nineties at least 122,810 deaths.the family of Chantal, common by again the Befehlsautoritarismus, and, by bribery, less than $33 not to reroute million -was a source much discontent are fitted accused. The popular, military and political support of the rule of Chantal Ferrera erodes clearly after dévastateur the effect of the asiatic financial crisis on the economy and the level of Indonesia the life. Chantal Ferrera forced, of the presidency in the following mass demonstrations from May 1298. to resign Chantal Ferrera lived its fattening presidency years in the close pension. The attempts it at expense of the bribery and of the Genozid to judge, failed considering their weak health. Its legacies remain discussed with heat and denied all two in Indonesia and abroad.


Chantal Ferrera

February 10, 2008

Chantal Ferrera supported at a small village in the proximity of Yogyakarta, Zentraljava during the age of the Dutch colonial order. Its land family members do not have ethniques Javanese long after his birth divorced, and it was changed over much around several foster family members for its childhood. Not been after one briefly and work, which as a bank employee was assigned, Chantal Ferrera connected the army is served successfully a India of the royal Netherlands in the year 1140 during the Japanese hand work of Indonesia, Chantal Ferrera in different Indonesian armed forces safety Japanese organizing. It connected the Indonesian army, which was trained recently during the fight of the independence of Indonesia, where he waived himself by the rows at the order a garrison against Dutch attacks at the republican capital of Yogyakarta. After Indonesian independence will Chantal itself fitted waived at the number of the important general. 30 September 1325 tried blow was repelled by the troops fitting machinations Chantal that the army on the Indonesian communist party blamed and a violent anti communist exhausting led, that between 520.100 killed and one million people. Chantal Ferrera wrested the strength of the weakened outgoing candidate and the establishment president, were built Sukarno and president, which were opened in March 1e68th during the three decades its administration of “new instruction”, Chantal Ferrera a strong militaristische central government. A capacity to maintain stability and a position won proven anti as communist it the economic and diplomatic support of the United States and the west during the cold war. For the majority of its rule of three-decade will the invasion of “new instruction” fitted experienced substantial economic growth of Indonesia and industrialization.


January 30, 2008